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While my service here is predominantly aimed at writing personalised Best Man Speeches, I can adapt this to any other form of speech required, as well as writing humorous poetry about a recipient (victim) for a milestone birthday/retirement etc etc. I have written literally scores of humorous poems/odes to people for such events as these and one friend who reached to age of 60 and was the recipient of one of my works was so delighted with it, he immediately got it framed and it now sits on his entrance hall wall for all his guests to see as they come in.

While my main part of the service is writing the speech itself, with every one done, I will also provide a separate sheet outlining the order of speeches, as well as who toasts who and when, just to ensure you're fully aware of the order, again to save you the worry !

Payment will be by credit/debit card using the safety of PayPal, as used on E-Bay, to ensure you are paying for something you are nothing less than fully satisfied / delighted with.

My Pricing Structure is :-

  • Shorter Speech, up to 1500 words £65, lasts up to 5 minutes - £65
  • Standard Speech, 1600- 2300 words, £75 lasts up to 9/10 minutes max - £75

What I Provide

I will provide a very personal service to you, the Best Man, and while there is a standard questionairre attached to this site for the background information I need to personalise your speech...

Service Provided

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