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My service / expertise here is to provide a unique Best Man Speech which will have been written by myself or my team, but very much personalised towards the Bride & Groom .....especially the Groom, obviously!

While I fully appreciate that I will not know you at all, the attached questionnaire will give me all the information I need to compile a ......and trust me on this one......very funny and ‘cringeworthy’ speech for the Groom to be highly embarrassed by to the amusement of the wedding guests. I will never use material which may be taken offensively, so don't ask me to, however I have a wealth of material which can be used in a funny, slightly naughty, but inoffensive way, so that your audience, the guests, will thoroughly enjoy it and pat you on the back for a job well done.

So why ask me to write your speech? Quite simply, I know from experience and feedback from the speeches I have already written for clients that, the saving of the stress and worry of them having to write it themselves together with the time it would have taken them, was invaluable.

The earlier you can give me the details on the attached questionnaire, the better as I would always recommend that the speech is back with you at least 2 weeks before the big day in order for you to rehearse the speech in front of the mirror, the partner or even the pet, just to give you the ability to deliver it with massively improved confidence on the day itself. I will write the speech in big enough font to read with ease, but will also put in highlights where to pause and wait for reaction etc, so you just need to turn up on the day and deliver it in your own personal way.

Remember, it is the biggest day of the Bride & Groom's lives to date, but don't under estimate what a big day it is for you as well.......the eyes and ears of the guests, and your best mate, the Groom will be firmly on you for the 5-9 minutes that you'll be standing up there already nervous, but with the added knowledge that you have a fantastic speech to recite.

What I Provide

I will provide a very personal service to you, the Best Man, and while there is a standard questionairre attached to this site for the background information I need to personalise your speech...

Service Provided

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